This Privacy Policy explains the way that TEICO Electronic, they drive the personal information and or corporate that you provide us in the websites controlled by TEICO Electronic, that they link this Privacy Policy. Unless something else is indicated specifically, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the information personal obtained of you without being connected, to TEICO Electronic's sites that they do not link with this Privacy Policy which can link him the websites of TEICO Electronic. The use that you make of the websites of TEICO Electronic is subject to this Privacy Policy as much as to the General Policies, Use Conditions, etc.

Please, read these contents before making use of the websites of TEICO Electronic,  Or before providing us personal information.

What is the “personal information”? How does it use in this Privacy Policy?

The “personal information” means the information that identifies it or could be used to identify it and that submits to and or it is procured by means of the websites of TEICO Electronic.

Examples of personal information include: Your full name, its direction, account of e-mail and its telephone number.

How does TEICO Electronic compile the electronic information?

TEICO Electronic collects the information of two manners:

  • Personal identifiable information that you provide:

    TEICO Electronic collects the personal information that you deposit in the fields of data through existing fill-out forms in the websites of TEICO Electronic, example: Fill-out form of record for Cuenta of customer and or Corporate Cuenta, add-on fill-out forms  comments, one issue at hand on the set or answer to an existing theme, answers to opinion polls, etc.

    Inside the identifiable information provided to TEICO Electronic, is consider:

    • Pseudonym
    • Customer's name
    • Name and Last Names
    • Email account (Private)

    In order to protect your privacy, you no personal information that is not asked specifically should not provide TEICO Electronic.

  • Collect passive of unidentifiable information

    The websites of TEICO Electronic can procure information about its visits to contents without that you submit said information actively. The unidentifiable information desk can procure itself using various technologies, like them cookies (little archives of text that transfer to the hard disk of her intervening computer a web site), the lighthouses of web or tools on line integrated to websites TEICO Electronic, such wigets of social means (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Or managers of statistics like Google Analytics.

    The technologies of compilation of passive information used by the websites of TEICO Electronic, are host to amplify information published in websites of TEICO Electronic and analyzing tendencies that they enable getting better and unrolling the websites of TEICO Electronic.

    The information procured by means of these technologies cannot be used to identify it without additional identifiable information and TEICO Electronic will not connect the identifiable information with the information collected through the use of said technologies of trawling.

In what circumstances and what for purpose could TEICO Electronic procuring and does use the personal information?

TEICO Electronic will use the personal information that you provide through the websites of TEICO Electronic to supply a solicited service (example: Bulletins, notifications of changes in the published contents, etc.) Or giving you access of step contained (for example, publishing and answering themes in the forums, adding comments, etc.)

TEICO Electronic can use certain technologies step of information to let that the web site can register its personal preferences, in order to optimize according to their interest the servants that he provides for (example: Job offers, events, etc.).

TEICO Electronic does consolidate the personal information?

We can consolidate information of unidentifiable way (aggregate anonymous data) to help to design the Websites of better to TEICO Electronic for us and the products of TEICO Electronic, for the better our fact-finding activities and to facilitate our functions of business.

Which elections has about the way that TEICO Electronic does procure and does use personal information?

You can always limit the quantity and type of personal information that TEICO Electronic receives about you selecting not to deposit any personal information in the ways or fields of data in the Websites of TEICO Electronic. Some of our service online, only they can surrender to him if he provides us the personal appropriate information. Other parts of the Websites of TEICO Electronic can ask you if he wishes to enter our lists of contact for offers, promotions and additional services that can be of concern for you.

He can also be provided questions of preferences or pictures of preferences that the indicating permit myself that you do not desire that the Websites of TEICO Electronic use technologies of trawling, such like the Cookies, that remind your personal information desk, like them ids of the customer or the maildrop addresses in the pullback visits. However, the Websites of TEICO Electronic that they use technologies of trawling to collect unidentifiable information, do not generally give you the option to elect getting out of the technologies of trawling. Some explorers of Internet allow you limiting or to disable the use of technologies of trawling that collect unidentifiable information.

Who will have access to the personal information?

Access can stick to the personal information for a number restricted of employees of TEICO Electronic.

  • In first class request, the technical staff of development of lay siege to them web that conform Portal TEICO Electronic and the executives responsible of you establish the directrix of development of the same.
  • In second gear request, A number restricted of employees of certain companies with them that TEICO Electronic can carry programs out jointly with them that he has contracts to carry activities out of business.

The technical staff of development documents and nbsp capacitates all implicated   about the importance of privacy and of how to drive and to manage the data of booked in customers and or suscriptos of appropriate and safe way. As well, TEICO Electronic is a practice of looking for your consent when it is required by means of the law that is applicable if you are getting registered for a program that is accomplished along with another company that can require your personal information.

Additionally, the practice of TEICO Electronic is wanting its contracting parties that maintain its personal confidential information and to use it only carry-out to stub functions of TEICO Electronic.

TEICO Electronic share personal information with third parties?

TEICO Electronic will not transfer its personal information to third parties unless you had authorized to choose broadcasting.

TEICO Electronic can reveal its personal information without that you had indicated it which back up third service providers with our activities of business. TEICO Electronic is practice of requiring service providers that maintain his personal confidential information and that use her only to the aforementioned third parties carry-out to stub functions for strong TEICO Electronic /strong and according to the instructions of TEICO Electronic.

TEICO Electronic holds back besides the right of revealing his personal information to answer to originating requests of authorized information of authorities of Government or when in addition, they require themselves by law.

In any other case, TEICO Electronic only will transfer its personal information, if you grant your consent previously.

How does TEICO Electronic insure the personal information?

TEICO Electronic is practice of insuring each Web Site of TEICO Electronic that procures personal information; however, the confidentiality of the personal information transmitted through Internet cannot be guaranteed. We urge you to exercise precaution when he transmits personal information through Internet.

TEICO Electronic cannot guarantee that the non-authorized third parties have access to their personal information; Therefore, when TEICO Electronic submits personal information to websites, consider as much the benefits, like risks.

TEICO Electronic protects for this Privacy Policy any web site within the domain “”. Out of said control, you should check the privacy policies of the aforementioned third-party websites before submitting personal information.

How does TEICO Electronic protect the privacy of the children?

TEICO Electronic does not collect or uses on purpose no personal information of children (the children define like them under 13 years) in the Websites of TEICO Electronic. We do not let on purpose that children order our products, get in touch with us, or use some of our service online.

If you are parent and he realizes that your son has provided us information, please get in touch with us using the most favorable road in your opinion considering any of the data provided in our contact page.

How can I correct personal information or to erase it of the present-day records of the customer?

With your support, TEICO Electronic will maintain the personal precise and updated information. You can request to take away, to amend or to correct your personal information. Please, notify us about what he desires getting in touch with us in any one of the ways that are specified later on.

During how much time does TEICO Electronic keep the personal information?

In general, TEICO Electronic only will store your personal information of atemporal way, in some cases, during time that is necessary as a mere formality the purposes which he met for, that I fix to stages in a process that apply of agreement the applicable law, in order to protect the information for.

How I can get in touch with strong TEICO Electronic?

If he has any doubt in relation to the reach, use, amendment or elimination of personal information that had wanted us, or if TEICO Electronic wanted to choose future communications of a business with or of a particular program of TEICO Electronic, please get in touch with us considering any of the data provided in our contact page.

In all the communications to TEICO Electronic, please include the email address used for the record (if it is applicable), the direction of the Web Site of TEICO Electronic which he provided any personal information which has questions or worry about in, and an explanation detailed of your request.

If you wish to eliminate, to amend or to correct your personal information and it is been laying eggs in touch with us by email, please put Request of Borrado or Enmienda Corrección's request, according to wall lamp, in the line of subject of the email.

We will do our best effort to answer to all the reasonable requests of opportune way.

How will I know if TEICO Electronic has updated this Privacy Policy?

If TEICO Electronic changes your practices of privacy, an update of this Privacy Policy will reflect changes and we will notify you of said changes updating the valid date on the top of this Privacy Policy.

Without detriment to your rights under the applicable law, TEICO Electronic holds back the right of amending this Privacy Policy when it is necessary, in order to reflect the technological advances, the legal and regulatory changes and the good practices of business.