The conversations that take place in this web site, as well as the opinions that customers express and/or users, are a reflection of the diversity of the people that make use of this web.

In order to level the interests and the needs of a worldwide public, TEICO Electronic preserves the expression from opinions and contents that accomplish the standards described in this page. We request to you that you read these standards, that they will help you namely what type of content is acceptable and which one can be denounced and or eliminated.

Violence and threats:

The threats to people or the organization of violent acts are forbidden. It is not allowed that the organizations implicated in terrorism or violent criminal activities have presence in our web site.

Also we forbid planning, promotion and celebration of stocks that they had provoked or financial loss can cause to third parties, once the thefts were included and acts of vandalism.

Self-destructive behaviors:

We eliminate the content that encourages to get hurt, or that he promotes appetite disorders or the substance abuse stupefacient.

Language that incites the hatred:

We do not permit the language that incites the hatred, although we tell between the serious speech and the humor.

Even though we encourage you to that you challenge ideas, products and services that we offer, we do not let that neither individuals, neither groups of people attack nobody for their race, ethnic group, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or disease.

Graphic content:

It is forbidden sharing graphic content for sadism and it is forbidden definitively that pornographic content or any other sexual content be shared.

Identity and privacy:

We request to you that you abstain from publishing the personal information of other ones without his permission. To pass oneself off as another one, to create a false presence for an organization or person or to have more of an account are stocks that weaken the spirit in common and they disobey our policies.

Intellectual property:

Before sharing content, make sure to have a right to make it. We request to you that you respect royalties, trademarks and anyone other intellectual property rights that correspond.

Phishing y spam:

We request to you that you respect our members and do not get in touch with them with commercial intentions not authorized in this place.