For security reasons of the site and to guarantee that this service is available to all the users, we maintain programs of software to control traffic to identify non-authorized stocks to charge, to change or in another way producing some damage. In the case of investigations authorized by the law and according to any required due process of law, the information of these sources can be used to identify a person.

We make everything that is possible for that the place is a place sure, but we need your help in order that that way we are, what implies the following commitments as far as you are concerned:

  1. You will not publish commercial non-authorized communications ( like non-desired mail, spam ).
  2. You will not compile information or content of other ones users, neither you will consent using automatic means (like harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers) without our previous permission.
  3. You will not take part in multilevel illegal marketing, like the one of pyramidal guy.
  4. You will not raise virus neither no guy's ill-willed code.
  5. You will not request information of start of session neither you will access an account belonging to another user.
  6. You will not bother, you will intimidate neither you will besiege no user.
  7. You will not publish content that contains offensive language, give results intimidatory or pornographic, that he incites violence or that he contains naked or graphic or unexcused violence.
  8. You will not use this place for illicit, delusive, ill-willed or discriminatory acts.
  9. You will not accomplish any actions that he can disable, overloading or affecting the correct functioning or to the aspect of the place, like, for example, an attack of denial on duty or the alteration of the presentation of pages or another functionality.

Account and register:

Users owe they provide their names and real reports. Some of the commitments that you accept relating to the register and maintenance of the certainty of your account:

  1. You will not provide personal false information neither you will create an account for other people without his authorization.
  2. You will not create more of a personal account.
  3. If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.
  4. You will maintain the exact and updated information of contact.
  5. You will not share your password, you will not permit that someone else consent on your account, neither you will make nothing that can jeopardize the certainty of your account.
  6. You will not transfer the account to nobody without our previous consent in writing.

Third-party protection:

We obey somebody else's rights and we expect that you do the same thing.

  1. You will not publish content neither you will accomplish no on-site action that he infringes or violate the rights of other ones or that he breaks the law somehow.
  2. We can withdraw any content or information that you publish on the premises if we consider that this infringes policies.
  3. You cannot use our royalties neither our trademarks except if you receive previous consent for paper of some representative of TEICO Electronic in writing.
  4. You will not publish identification papers, neither financial information of anybody.